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Maybe you’ve ever wondered why the body color of the aircraft is white?

Interestingly, there are many scientific and economic reasons for airplanes being white.


As we learned during school time, the white light does not absorb light and reflects it and makes it less heat. On the basis of this, it is suggested in the warm season to wear white and light clothing, and the next is that The airplane is flying less warm and uses less fuel to cool itself, and some people point out that at high altitudes there is no hot air, but do not forget that the aircraft is not always flying, and later on The high speed creates a heat due to the air conditioning of the trunk, which causes the white to cool the body.

Injuries and scratches
Perhaps the first thing you heard about the white color is that it’s quickly dirty. It’s the same thing about the plane, but it does make it look like stains, creeps and cracks, as it’s about colorful airplanes. That’s not true, and it’s hard to find cracks on colored airplanes, though today they find cracks in the layers of the aircraft with advanced devices.

Saw power
Some studies have shown that you see a white airplane in the dark in the night, and imagine that a plane crashed into the sea in the dark of the night, and with this you will find it easier to find it. One of the important issues is the use of the airline logo, which has a more beautiful appearance on the white than any other color. According to a study by researchers at Purdue University and the National Wildlife Research Center on human-wildlife interactions in 2011, the researchers concluded that birds flying in the sky were less likely to hit white than other colors have. The study suggests that birds can fly more white planes in the sky.

You need to know that painting an aircraft requires 65 gallons of color, which makes it smart to choose colors. The standard white color is cheap and simple, and any other color you choose will eventually oxidize and return to white, but for a glossy fix it should cost more, and this applies to aircraft that are always on Exposure to atmospheric phenomena from rain, lightning, and more intense sunlight is most likely to be the case, and the cost of repairing white is much less than other colors. And the other thing on the market today is the airplane selling more white planes than colorful planes.

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